Saturday, September 29, 2012


Once again, writers join MadisonWoods #FridayFictioneers to submit short stories based on a photo prompt. This week, the  photo is provided by Sandra Crook. Below is my 100-word short story inspired by Sandra's photo. (9/28/12). 

                                      **** WALKING TOUR ****

"This walking tour is exhausting. Tell the guide we wish to rest under this shrine. We've seen many beautiful shrines during this trip. Wonder what makes them so calm and peaceful?"

"I don't know, but this one is different. I'm feeling uneasy."

"You're just tired."

"Wonder what these markings mean?  Meg, ask the guide if he knows and can translate."

"Sir. Guide. What do these marking mean?"

"In 1940, I was playing in front of my house, when I was forced from my village and taken to a foreign land..." Ms. Kim Song, a former "comfort woman" about her abduction at the age of eleven."

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Thanks to Madison Woods for posting my Friday Fictioneers photo prompt this week (9/21/12). Below is my story. 

                      **** ANGEL OF THE HARBOR ****

"Teacher, are you sure this Hudson Riverboat is safe? I can't swim."

"Don't worry, Johnny. Class, look to your left. On the Manhattan shoreline. Do you see the white, marble statue on that barge?"

"Yes, Mrs. Ryan." Class answers in unison.

"I see three wings." Billy says.

"She's called 'Angel of the Harbor.' Billy, those are not wings. They're three oars. Two and a spare. Long ago, Native Indians crossed the river in canoes. As the story goes, when one lost an oar, she offered a spare so he could reach the shoreline without drowning.

"She praying?"

"No, Lucy. She's resting until she's needed."


One can find this stunning sculpture on a retired barge at 26th Street, Manhattan Hudson River shoreline. Enlarge the photo and you will see in the background the Jersey side of the shoreline, laced in colored lights.  She is named "Angel of the Harbor" or "Lady of the Harbor." At first sight, she is large, beautiful and breathtaking; a smooth, solid piece of white, Italian marble.  She sits on a retired 3-level barge facing the river. It has an outdoor restaurant and dance floor. A festive party is held every year as the barge sits at the site of Macy's July 4th fireworks. The artist offered no interpretation, so I  wrote my own.