Saturday, March 16, 2013


                                                           Copyright-Lora Mitchell

                                                         LILIES IN THE WINDOW

The photo above was taken at dusk, seven months after my mom and brother passed. My first Easter without them was a sad and lonely time. 

The beautiful Lily sat on my 46th floor windowsill in my NYC hi-rise in Clinton (often called Hell's Kitchen). The view faces north toward Lincoln Center. To the left (behind the SET sign) is the mighty Hudson River and the George Washington Bridge. The long street is 10 Avenue which is lit by red and green stoplights. During rush hour, cars and trucks add their red back lights. A magical sight, I call 10th Avenue my perpetual Christmas Tree. 

Note: FYI...The SET icon which means "shooting film or video" was an error. It was my first digital camera and had no idea what I was doing. No idea how to remove it.  I should have purchased a "Digital Camera for Dummies" manual, along with the camera.  LOL.