Friday, March 23, 2012


Thanks to Madison Woods for the inspiration for this week's story based on the above photo prompt titled: Sunset White Branches.  

Below is my 100-word story titled:

                                   *** THE VIEW ***

This is the view from my bedroom window. It never changes. As seasons unfold, it remains the same; cold, unfriendly and forlorn. Ancient branches too brittle and barren to sprout new life. A landscape as depressing as the rundown shack I live in. But I'm alive. I'm young. I'm hopeful. I refuse to give in to this prison of shame and poverty. I sit cross-legged on the frigid, linoleum floor, bony, scabby elbows perched on the windowsill and dream. I imagine all the beautiful things that lie beyond that range. Things with color, music and light to free me from this depressing view and ugly existence.