Monday, November 25, 2013


Hello Friends - I am one of 50 authors in this book. Each 100-word, Flash Fiction short story was based the above cover photo prompt.  What a fun concept! Kudos to Madison Woods for coming up with the clever idea and doing all the work.

It's available on (Kindle version) for .99. Plus a paperback is available.

My story is titled: THE SECRET PLAN

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Hi all - Today is Nov. birthday. Supposed to spend the day at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA., but the frigid temps made us change our plans. Went to dinner at Red Lobster instead. OMG...what a fabulous dinner shared with two lovely friends. 

Update: I have another Flash Fiction short story published in a book titled: "Flash Fiction - One Photo - 50 Perspectives - (50 authors) - 100-Words" which will be out soon. 

Saturday, November 9, 2013


Hello friends - This is titled "Lora's back..." because my laptop crashed and sat with Best Buy's Geek Squad for a time. They weren't sure they could bring it back to life.. so I purchased a 23" HP All-in-One (w/Windows 8), which I'm currently using to enter this post.  The monitor is 23" .. like typing on a TV screen...(perfect for my failing eyes). Well. those great Geeks worked their magic and Voila! They revived my laptop ( w/Windows 7) now I have 2 computers. 

 The latest news...I celebrate another birthday next week, Nov. 13th...yes, I'm still proud to be a Scorpio...whatever that means. My friend and I plan to spend the day at a Casino. Wish me luck on those slots.

Other news?  Getting some nice sales on Amazon for my first Ebook MISTY BLUE (available on any Ereader - priced at .99). I'm halfway through  Ebook II (more 100-Word Flash Fiction Short Stories). Don't have a title or cover yet. TBA. Ebook III will either be 100-Word Fl. Fiction Sh. Stories for YA (young adults) OR a short book written journal style based on postcards, notes, letters, etc., I received for a short time and saved during my performing career.