Friday, April 20, 2012


Above is Madison Woods #FridayFictioneers Photo Prompt - 4/20/12.

Below is my 100-Word Short Story inspired by Madison's photo

                                   *** TEARDROPS ***

Ms. Chicken Valley Queen, wearing her mom's treasured rhinestone teardrop earrings, glows in a gown of yellow feathers, while live chickens peck at her feet. A festive annual parade until the joyful day is interrupted by an unexpected squall. Wind and rain rips through their path. Her throne collapses, spooked chickens jump off the float, feathers fly up her nose. Fierce sneezing loosens one earring; forever lost in the chaos. The ruined day ends in a bucket of teardrops.

Years later, heading back to Chicken Valley, nestled safely in a blue, satin-lined Tiffany gift box, an exact copy of mom's teardrop earrings...not rhinestones, but dazzling diamonds. 

Happy birthday, mom.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Above is another wonderful photo prompt provided by Madison Woods FridayFictioneers (4/13/12).

Below is my 100-word short story inspired by Madison's photo prompt.
                            *** VAN-WINKLE TUNNEL ***

Before construction of the new highway and pedestrian tunnel, this area was our neighborhood playground. My favorite place, where I played with chums after school, until the accident.

Mom came every Sunday to visit my memorial plaque which rests at the mouth of the tunnel; dedicated in my memory, Ellie Van-Winkle. She sat on the left bench, knitting or reading the Bible. She evolved from fancy hats and high heels to comfortable walking shoes; a cane, a shawl and finally a walker. Then she came no more. But I don't miss her. She now sits beside me and the angels.

This story is dedicated to my beloved mom who entered this world on 4/14/1912. She was born the day of the Titanic tragedy... 4/14/2012 is their 100th Anniversary.

Friday, April 6, 2012


Hi Lora ~  Congrats on winning 2nd place in The Pen and Ink Blog's Story Prompt Challenge - March, 2012. 

The Management 
Pen and Ink Blogspot. 

Below is my winning story titled based on the above Photo Prompt titled BALLOONS.

                                   *** LITTLE CHICK ***

An array of colored balloons are bundled together waiting to be hung in the hay barn for Susie's birthday party. During the hustle and bustle of preparations, a brisk northern breeze loosens three balloons from its cluster and, as if delighted to be free, two of them sail away to play tag in the sky.  The third balloon, a blue one, wavers to and fro on its own; its tail trailing behind in a lazy manner. When the breeze calms down, it floats to a powder landing and settles in the rafters near a haystack where newly-hatched Hummingbird chicks lay warm in their cozy nest of freshly-stacked grass and dry, golden hay. During the happy festivities, mother Hummingbird keeps close watch and circles the rafters to protect her brood. Frightened by the children's laughter and noisy squeals, she carries her sightless chicks one-by-one to a safe hollow in a nearby willow tree. In haste, she loses count and accidentally leaves the smallest behind. When Little Chick opens his bleary eyes, the first thing he sees is the stray blue balloon resting softly beside him and chirps out with glee, "Mama."