Friday, October 26, 2012


This week, MadisonWood's Friday Fictioneer banner has been passed to our dedicated FF writer and friend, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Above is Rochelle's first photo prompt. Below is my 100-word short story inspired by Rochelle's charming photo. (10/26/12)

                                              **** RAIN BUCKET ****

"Gino. We're busy. How much longer are we holding that corner table?"

"Don't worry, Flossie. She'll be here."

"But it's six months since he stopped coming."

"She will come. She will wait."

"How long did you say they met at this table."

"Two years straight. Every Friday. 8pm - sharp. They filled that rain bucket with sweet talk, laughter and stolen kisses."

"Maybe he died or something."

"Naw. Last time they met, I saw their heads huddled in serious talk. She cried as he tried to console her. I seen it all before.

"Looks like he filled that rain bucket with broken promises and heartbreak. Damn cheating men."

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Once again, writers from all over the world join MadisonWoods #Friday Fictioneeers to create short stories based on a photo prompt. This week, the photo is provided by Jan Morrill. Below is my 100-word story inspired by Jan's interesting photo. (10/12/12).

                                                    **** AISHA ****

Behind these thick walls, Aisha was doing something dangerous and forbidden. She was secretly attending school. A bright teenager, she was learning and thriving. Aisha craved to be educated, with a strong desire to be a doctor.

Most unusual, in this country, her loving father encouraged her; an effort to  lift her from the Dark Ages.

But there was a Judas in her midst. The school bus was intercepted. The traitor pointed her out. Through the window, the bullet found its target. 

To this day, this brave girl lies in a coma. Her only crime? She wanted to learn.

ps:  Pray for Malala.

Friday, October 5, 2012


Writers from all over the world join MadisonWoods #FridayFictioneers to submit short stories based on a photo prompt. This week's photo is provided by Raina Ng. Below is my 100-word story inspired by Raina's lovely photo. (10/05/12).

                                    ~~~~ PRETTY BALLOONS ~~~~

"Mam. The storm has blown over. I'll return the flashlight to the basement and get the ladder to remove those balloons." 

"Jake. Return the flashlight. Leave the pretty balloons there."

"That was some sweet sixteen party you gave your grand daughter. A nice celebration. The fuses blowing didn't seem to dampen their spirits one bit."

"No. In fact, it added to the excitement."

"Quite an excitable day. You must be exhausted."

"Yes. Happy to entertain. Happy they're gone."

"Remind you of your own sweet sixteen, mam?

"Never had one. Parties were luxuries. We could not afford luxuries. Not even pretty balloons."