Friday, August 31, 2012


Madison Woods FridayFictioneers photo prompt courtesy of Stacy Plowright's photo (copyright) titled: Clouds in Toronto. Below is my 100-word story inspired by Stacy's lovely photo. 8/31/12.

                         *** AS SHE PICTURED IT ***

"Beautiful." She whispers with labored breath.
"What's beautiful?"
"Exactly as I pictured it." 
"Pictured what, mother?"
"Look up." She points a bony, arthritic finger toward the window. "Layers of clouds swirling around a golden chariot with majestic white horses. Playful, pixie cherubs in wispy pink. Feathery wings, fluttering, shielding His face. Glorious, divine harp music.. Can you hear, son?"
"Yes, mother."
She rests her head back and smiles. "It means Israel rebuilt the third temple in Jerusalem in time for His return."
"Shall I close the blinds, sir? 
"Not necessary, nurse. She's been blind since the stroke five years ago."

Friday, August 17, 2012


FridayFictioneers unusual photo prompt this week is courtesy of Lura Helms. Titled: Tree Crook. Below is my 100-word story inspired by Lura's photo. (8/17/12)

                            *** CHILDHOOD TREE ***

"Race you to our old tree. One, two, three...go!"

"Zach. We're not kids any longer."

"Come on, Piper."

"It's not fair."

"What's not fair?"

"You're in better shape from all that Army training."

"Forget about that. I've served my time. I'm back for good and in one piece. I'll give you a head start."

"Can't we sit on the porch swing instead and talk?"

"Fighting in that hellhole, I dreamed of nothing but this old tree and you. I see those goat horns are still stuck up there. Our initials should be about...Piper loves...Rick?"

"Zach, please..."

"...Guess I was away too long."