Saturday, November 9, 2013


Hello friends - This is titled "Lora's back..." because my laptop crashed and sat with Best Buy's Geek Squad for a time. They weren't sure they could bring it back to life.. so I purchased a 23" HP All-in-One (w/Windows 8), which I'm currently using to enter this post.  The monitor is 23" .. like typing on a TV screen...(perfect for my failing eyes). Well. those great Geeks worked their magic and Voila! They revived my laptop ( w/Windows 7) now I have 2 computers. 

 The latest news...I celebrate another birthday next week, Nov. 13th...yes, I'm still proud to be a Scorpio...whatever that means. My friend and I plan to spend the day at a Casino. Wish me luck on those slots.

Other news?  Getting some nice sales on Amazon for my first Ebook MISTY BLUE (available on any Ereader - priced at .99). I'm halfway through  Ebook II (more 100-Word Flash Fiction Short Stories). Don't have a title or cover yet. TBA. Ebook III will either be 100-Word Fl. Fiction Sh. Stories for YA (young adults) OR a short book written journal style based on postcards, notes, letters, etc., I received for a short time and saved during my performing career.



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